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Voters Registration Card

Voters Registration Card

The Process is 3-6 Months

Application For Voter’s Registration Card

Grenada Parliamentary Election Offices (PEO), issues Voter Registration Cards to citizens of Grenada at its Constituency Offices. These offices are satellite operations that are established everywhere there is a Parliamentary Representative, so the PEO has offices in the fifteen constituencies in Grenada. They are open daily and process application for Voter Registration Cards on a continuous basis. The card could also be used for general identification.


  • Original Citizenship Certificate
  • Official Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Marriage certificate; where applicable
  • Address in Grenada or Proof of stay in country for Commonwealth Citizens
  • Grenadian parents Birth Certificate for naturalized Grenadians
  • Local telephone number(s)

Application Process:

  • Visit a Constituency Office and give documents to the Officer
  • An Officer will request documents showing proof of Citizenship
  • The Officer will interview the Citizen to obtain information needed for the database
  • A photograph and fingerprint will be taken, and the applicant must provide a signature
  • The relevant original documents will be scanned, entered into the system and returned to the applicant
  • Receipt is printed and given to the applicant and this must be used when the card is collected
  • The card can be collected two (2) weeks after the application is made

Issuance of Card:

  • Two weeks after completing the process, the Voter Identification Card will be ready.
  • The applicant may be contacted by telephone to collect the card when it is ready.
  • Only the applicant can collect his/her Voter ID card which is delivered upon signature.
  • The initial card is free. There is a replacement cost of EC$20.00.