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The path to owning a home in Grenada typically involves either the purchase of a constructed property (including condominiums) or undeveloped land and gradually constructing a house over a period of time. This economic reality has remained largely unchanged. Because of the taxes imposed on non-citizens when acquiring property, many opt to buy vacant land to lessen the tax load and construct their desired dream home. Purchasing land has long been ingrained in Grenadian culture as a key investment strategy, encapsulated by the popular saying "land makes the man”.


  • Price Range (est.): USD 24,000 - USD 17,000,000
  • Situated in the southwestern part of the island, St. George encompasses the capital city of St. George's, a bustling hub of commerce, tourism, and government activities. St. George's boasts a rich cultural heritage with historic landmarks like Fort George and colonial-era architecture. The parish's economy thrives on tourism, where St. George's is a popular destination for visitors drawn to its picturesque harbour and vibrant atmosphere. Educational institutions like St. George's University contribute to the parish's significance, while its natural beauty, including lush rainforests and stunning beaches like Grand Anse Beach, adds to its allure. St. George is a dynamic region blending history, urban life, and natural splendour, pivotal in Grenada's cultural, economic, and political landscape.


  • Price Range (est.): USD 33,000 - USD 16,000,000
  • Located in the southeastern part of the island, St. David is known for its agricultural diversity and scenic coastal areas. The parish's economy thrives on agriculture, fishing, and emerging tourism. Its rich cultural heritage is celebrated through various festivals and events. St. David Parish boasts stunning natural landscapes, including beaches and rainforests, offering opportunities for outdoor activities. Educational institutions like St. David's Catholic Secondary School contribute to the parish's social fabric. St. David Parish combines cultural vibrancy, economic diversity, and natural beauty, making it a significant part of Grenada's landscape


  • Price Range (est.): USD 19,000 - USD 11,000,000
  • Located in the northeastern part of the island, St. Andrew is known for its agricultural prowess, particularly in nutmeg, cocoa, and banana production, as well as its thriving fishing industry. The capital town, Grenville, is a bustling commerce and administration centre. The parish’s rich cultural heritage is evident in its diverse population and the various festivals and events held throughout the year. The natural beauty of St. Andrew Parish, highlighted by landmarks such as Mount St. Catherine and St. Margaret’s (Seven Sisters) Falls, further enhances its appeal. Additionally, educational institutions like St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School contribute to the parish’s social fabric. Overall, St. Andrew is a significant and vibrant part of Grenada’s landscape, blending agricultural prominence, cultural vibrancy, and natural splendour.


  • Price Range (est.): USD 28,000 - USD 15,000,000
  • St. Patrick, located in the northwestern part of the island, features Sauteurs as its capital town, renowned for its coastal beauty and historical significance. The parish's economy thrives on agriculture, fishing, and tourism, with fertile soil producing various crops and fishing villages dotting the coastline. St. Patrick boasts a vibrant community with rich cultural traditions, celebrated through events like the St. Patrick's Day Feast. Its natural beauty includes lush hills, picturesque beaches, and dramatic cliffs, offering opportunities for outdoor recreation. Educational institutions like MacDonald College contribute to the parish's social fabric. St. Patrick Parish combines scenic beauty, cultural richness, and economic diversity, making it a significant part of Grenada's landscape.


  • Price Range (est.): USD 80,000 - USD 1,195,000
  • St. John, nestled in the central-western region of Grenada, features Gouyave as its capital town, renowned for its vibrant fishing industry and cultural heritage. Fishing and nutmeg agriculture are vital economic activities, with Gouyave hosting a bustling fish market and annual celebrations like the Fisherman's Birthday. The parish boasts scenic landscapes and historic sites like the Dougaldston Estate, offering insight into Grenada's nutmeg production. Institutions like Bishop's College provide educational opportunities. St. John blends economic significance, cultural vibrancy, and natural beauty, making it a notable part of Grenada's landscape.


  • Price Range (est.): USD 33,000 - USD 185,000
  • St. Mark features Victoria as its capital town in the northwestern part of the island. Known for its rural landscape and picturesque coastline, the parish boasts an agricultural economy centred around nutmeg cultivation and a thriving fishing industry. Its natural beauty includes verdant hills, fertile valleys, and beautiful beaches, with attractions like the Amerindian Petroglyphs offering outdoor activities. St. Mark has a close-knit community with a rich cultural heritage, which is celebrated through various events and festivals. Though fewer in number, educational institutions serve the local community. St. Mark Parish offers a tranquil escape with its rural charm, agricultural significance, and stunning natural landscapes.


  • Price Range (est.): USD 28,000 - USD 3,700,000
  • Carriacou and Petite Martinique are two smaller islands that form part of Grenada and are located in the Caribbean Sea. Carriacou, the more oversized island, features Hillsborough as its capital town, known for its fishing industry, boat building, and vibrant cultural scene. The island boasts stunning beaches, lush hills, and traditional festivals like the Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival. The smaller neighbour, Petite Martinique, shares similar economic activities and cultural heritage, focusing on fishing and boat building. Both islands offer a serene escape, beautiful natural landscapes, and a close-knit community atmosphere.

Benefits of Real Estate Ownership in Grenada

Owning real estate in Grenada, you can enjoy several benefits:

Investment Diversification: Real estate in Grenada offers an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio beyond your home country, potentially reducing overall investment risk.
Stable Market: Grenada's real estate market has historically shown stability, offering a relatively secure investment option compared to more volatile markets.
Potential for Appreciation: Property values in Grenada have shown a tendency to appreciate over time, providing the potential for capital gains on your investment.
Rental Income: If you choose to rent out your property, you can generate rental income, which can serve as a passive income stream or help offset ownership costs.
Personal Use: Owning real estate in Grenada allows you to have a vacation home or a place to stay when visiting family and friends, providing a personal benefit beyond financial returns.
Tax Benefits: Depending on your jurisdiction and Grenada's tax laws, you may benefit from tax advantages such as deductions for property expenses or favourable capital gains tax treatment.
Residency Options: Some real estate investments in Grenada may qualify you for residency or citizenship through Grenada's Citizenship by Investment Program, offering additional benefits such as visa-free travel to certain countries.
Preservation of Heritage: For members of the Grenadian diaspora, owning real estate in Grenada can help preserve familial or cultural ties to the country and provide a sense of connection to your heritage.
Retirement Planning: Investing in real estate in Grenada can be part of a retirement planning strategy, offering a potential source of income or a place to retire in the future.
Community Engagement: Owning property in Grenada can foster a deeper connection to the local community and allow you to contribute to its economic and social development.

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