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  • Local & Escrow Agent | Citizenship by Investment (Grenada)




Infinity Grenada Inc name is synonymous with Grenada and Caribbean Citizenship By Investment Programmes.

A company ensuring the EXPANDING OF YOUR GATEWAYS

A company ensuring:
– New citizens become integrated into 2nd citizenship country
– Secure real estate when required
– Establish and operate business in their new country
– Attain for their personal benefit
– Driver’s Licence, Establish Bank accounts,
– voter registration,
– renewal of passports

As licensed Local and Escrow agents under the Grenada citizenship by investment programme the company gives to each applicant its experience and unstinting dedication to attain citizenship for each applicant which leads to an unsurpassed success rate.

We invite you to browse our website for our services information on the Grenada Citizenship By Investment Programme, Grenada the Country and how we can collaborate to achieve mutual success.

The team comprises of six dedicated and experienced individuals in Citizenship by Investment, International Business, Corporate and Post Immigration services.

We strive to provide our services with ultimate professionalism, efficiency and care.

The company is dedicated to delivering premium services – specializing in Immigration Programmes; Post-Immigration Services and Corporate and International Business Services.

The director was the first registered licensed local and escrow agent as well as the first local agent to process an application under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program.

The team has processed applications from the outset of the program to present working along with several international marketing agents and team members have attended many regional and international Citizenship by Investment conferences.

Infinity aspires to function at the highest standard and have dedicated personnel to carry out its functions.

We have open communication and is responsive to all our clients.